How to earn N2000 daily from palmpay

How to earn N2000 daily from palmpay

How do you get paid with PalmPay?

Invite and Earn: You would earn ₦300 each time someone signs up on PalmPay with your referrer code and they carry out their first transaction. Your friends will also benefit. They would get 75 points after registering with your referral code and another 75 points after they carry out a transaction.

How To earn N2000 daily from palmpay 

Actually you can earn more than N2000 once you uh out the process well depending on your capability on how you can carry out the task. 

  • Click here to claim your own N2000 if you are an existing user just visit and provide the requirements. 
  • If you are a new member you will need to register your number using this link
  • Click on give a hand

  • Fill in your mobile number
  • Click submit
  • Download the palm Play App HERE
  • Once you’ve registered and now a member of palmpay app. 
  • Then open the app, on the main menu of the app you will see a section called Cash Spree tap on it .Free N2000 on palmpay
  • Then select the amount you will like to calm from the section. 
  • Starting from N500, N1000 and N2000. If you pick N2000.
  • You will have to invite 7 people using your link before you can be able to claim and withdraw your own free palmpay 2000.
  • And lower invitation is there from the 500 or 1000 cash spree on palmpay claiming. 
  • You can select the one of your choice then use your link to invite people which are known to be referral processes or programs.
  • Once you’ve completed 7 invitation for the N2000 and the 7 people you invitation are new palmpay member them you will be able to claim and withdraw the 2000 asap. 

The process can be carry out at anytime which can make you can earn much more if you are good at inviting people to the app without any stress and you will earn N2000 from the program. 

How do I transfer money from PalmPay?

PalmPay to Bank Transfer (Send Money)
  1. Launch your PalmPay app.
  2. Tap the Send Money icon.
  3. Tap the 'Bank Account' icon.
  4. Select the Bank, enter the account number and amount then tap 'Next'.
  5. Confirm the details, select your payment method and tap 'Pay'
  6. Enter your PalmPay PIN.
  7. You should then receive a confirmation message when the transfer is confirmed.

Is PalmPay real?

PalmPay is Totally  real  and it is very legit for usage you can try it's out today and see the difference.

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