Life in pharmacy school: A thread that 100% of pharmacy students can relate to

Life in pharmacy school

I am a student of The  prestigious Facaulty of pharmacy, Niger Delta University (NDU) currently in my third year, I can't say I have all the expirience, as I have barely scratched the surface of this versatile and broad course, I will share some little knowledge  I have on pharmacy, for readers who may be aspiring to study pharmacy,
 I will also share my collection of pharmacy memes which are 100% relatable to all pharmacy students.

What are the benefits of studying pharmacy?

5 Advantages Of A Career In Pharmaceutical Science
  • Diverse Career Options. There are two primary industries that require the expertise of pharmacists: the hospital industry and the retail industry. ...
  • Work Flexibility. ...
  • Job Stability. ...
  • Opportunity to Help People. ...
  • A Respected Profession.

Yes - it is worth it, the starting salary is good compared to many other roles. As a result, pharmacy will allow you to live a comfortable life in terms of material wealth. Furthermore the degree is sought after as it is hard by degree standards.

Is pharmacy hard to study?

It is not hard (paradoxically speaking) It requires hard work and determination. as the saying goes "nothing good comes easy" a form of total dedication of one's self  and requires a minimum of 8 hours of study of very complex and difficult subject matters.

Here is a pharmacy thread I'm sure every pharmacy student can relate to.

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