School fees Reduction:NDU Students plan 2nd wave of protest says their core agenda was ignored

NDU Students plan 2nd wave of protest says their core agenda was ignored

Agitation in Niger Delta University as students plan 2nd wave of protest,against resumption of academic activities on the 19th of July 2021. their main reason for second protest REDUCTION OF FEES

According to students

"Hike in school fees is the major cause of students not meeting with fees until school fees is reduced we never win

 What matters is unity of the student body!! It's either we fight now or never, Nothing has actually changed, that's why we just have to keep the struggle real! We can't abandone our exams just because we can't afford to pay 70% of our fees in less than two months time considering students owing previous sessions" 
This has been the major problem of  students over the years as some students dont have sponsors and have to go through a lot, some even do a whole lot of minneal jobs just to be able to feed themselves and pay their fees.

Students have protested on fees reduction in the past years but has not produced any result because the school management has  deliberately ignored the main agenda for the protest which is "SCHOOL FEE REDUCTION" so was the case of the just concluded protest,hence students are even more agitated and are planning another protest".
Resolutions from just concluded protest below
Resolutions from the just concluded protest

1. Percentage% for payment of fees is now on the ratio of 70:30 u can pay 70% first semester den 30% b4 u enter the next session.

2. SUG is back,departmental elections will be held 

3. No more Uniform,u must be decently dressed no colour should be enforced

4. Fees payment and course registration:Those affected are to meet in their department pay fees and register course 

Some students who are against the second protest also had this to say

"All those who are affected could channel same energy into hustling for the fee.

The school is an organisation, every organisation has its own rules, remember the 2017/2018 protest, then you guys were not in school, all students were asked to pay 30k and 50k respectively in the faculty of engineering for the damage and the school went free with it and every damn student paid it.

After sometime again another protest came and the frontiers were almost rusticated it was pleading upon pleading, some were crying going into the senate and then when they were exonerated amidst several begging. They even have Thanksgiving. They could have saved themselves those stress. Students stayed at home for more than 2 months. Houser rent were counting!!!

You can't win a fight against management, and the government!!! Especially in a ruthless country like this. Consider the consequence of your actions before taking them!!!

And not you all want the protest to be peaceful we all youth before you know one thing lead to another fight come one down that life is gone!!!

Let's be guided. From analysis NDU CAN'T WAF STUDENTS BASED ON INABILITY TO PAY FEES. JUST HUSTLE AND PAY. you signed statutory declaration and submitted that you gonna obey all school rules and regulations!!!

Another students opinion below

"There is a way, it's just that you haven't tried it yet!!!

Why not allow school do their thing and look for a way to meet up with the payment!!

Then those affected could call for a meeting, and then representative through the various deans and HOD go to VC  later on or the governing council to see if they will allow them or give extension

As for the fee reduction, hehehe forget about it!!! If there is a way they will even increase it the more!!!

NDU need money any agitation from henceforth is fruitless.
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