300level Pharmacy Materials/Notes for NDU students

    Pharmacy Notes for all 300level students in Nigeria 

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    I am a student of Niger Delta University,Faculty of Pharmacy,over the years I have noticed the shortage of materials at the beginning of every semester due to inconsistencies and inadequacies of storage conditions. hence I have decided to make an online library that all students of the Facaulty can access anywhere anytime.  

    Download links to materials for 3rd year(300lvl) students below

    Note: post will be updated regularly with new materials

    PCH Materials

    GST Materials

    Pharmacology Materials


    Pharmacognosy Materials


    Pharmaceutical Microbiology

    How to Download materials on this page

    Step - 1 click on material you want

    Step - 2  Select email you want to sign in with

    Step - 3 Click the three dots on the top right corner

    Step - 4 Scroll down and click download

    Disclaimer: All materials here are linked from google drive hence there is no copyright infringement. Materials are to be used for academic purposes only.

    Please share and comment your thoughts to show support.
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